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Best Coffee House for People Who Don't Drink Coffee

Montague's Coffee House

1019 S. Tejon St. 520-0672

So the person you've been drooling over for the past three weeks has finally noticed you exist, and even better, they've asked you to coffee. Oh, joy! Except for the fact that you don't drink coffee and don't know a triple-shot grande mochachino from cold Sanka. Never fear -- take him/her to Montague's, where the object of your desire can enjoy a cup of joe, and you can both enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Furnished with deep sofas, overstuffed armchairs and elegant tables lit with antique lamps, coffee is simply an added plus to the Montague's experience. A large variety of sweets, treats and teas will give you something to divert your attention during those awkward silent moments, and the wood-paneled sitting room will make you both feel at home. You'll find patrons reading, knitting, conversing and relaxing there, enjoying the surroundings, coffee or not. (KS)

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