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Best of Colorado Springs 2008


Welcome to the second and final installment of our Best Of Colorado Springs 2008 coverage.

Last week, you learned of the Springs' best food and drink spots, so we assume you've had ample time to stuff and temporarily embalm yourself. Now you're ready to take a deep breath and break into the best in local retail business, city attractions and of course, our most notable characters.

In case you missed last week's issue, a couple reminders: Aside from a few staff picks, all these winners come via readers' vote. We offer first an alphabetized index that includes the top three vote-getters in each category. Then we get personal with the first-place winners.

Your tour guides this week: Alexa Acord, Deb Acord, Edie Adelstein, Kirsten Akens, Elizabeth Anderson (LA), Bill Forman, Carrie Frasure, Frances Gomeztagle, Kevin Kehl, Anthony Lane, Amanda Lundgren (ALL), Mandy Moench, Monika Mitchell Randall, Ralph Routon, Matthew Schniper, Deidre Schoolcraft, J. Adrian Stanley, Jill Thomas, Rich Tosches, Andrea Wenker and Kirk Woundy.

As well as our photographers: Brienne Boortz, Cayton Photography, Jeremy Eyman, Jon Kelley and L'Aura Montgomery.

In case you didn't notice the theme last week that continues this week: We're celebrating our 15th Best Of this year. So thanks to all the winners who indulged us with wacky photos. Thanks also to the thousands of folks who voted this year.

Finally, congratulations to this year's winners.

See you again for our Sweet 16 next year, which is sure to rival this year's quinceaera.

The Indy edit staff

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