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Most Bizarre Publicity Stunt To Promote a Local Event

"Free Dung Give-a-way"
Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus

On a hot summer morning in August, impatient children and their parents lined a side street near the World Arena, awaiting the "circus walk," a time-honored tradition of parading the exotic animals through town, from the circus boxcars sitting on the nearby railroad tracks to the big top. In their hands, some spectators held small shovels and bags, and some wore plastic gloves. As promised by local media and Ringling Bros. advertising, the elephants, horses and other assorted animals left a trail of droppings, rich in nutrients. Once it was scooped into managable sized piles by circus folks, the parents gleefully ran to scoop up the earthy riches, jockeying for positions. You see, it wasn't just compost they were collecting -- in a few choice piles of fresh dung, plastic baggies peeked out, glinting in the sun. Inside, the intrepid searchers found a pair of tickets to a performance of the "greatest show on earth," valued at up to $33. Just goes to show -- a little BS goes a long, long way in the Springs. (KS)

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