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Best Place To Hear Lynyrd Skynyrd Medlies, Cabaret-style


Rum Bay
20 N. Tejon St.

Somehow, on a few occasions -- always a Wednesday night -- I've ended up at Rum Bay. Stranger things have happened, I suppose. The first time I thought I was hallucinating. Never mind the mini-waterfalls incorporated into the decor. It was the stage scene that tripped me out. Two baby grand pianos sat facing each other. A man in a white tuxedo at one of them; a man in a white shirt and suspenders at the other. The tunes they were playing were familiar, but I just couldn't quite place the music. Until I heard the phrase "sweet home Alabama." No way. No way could they be covering Lynard Skynard. I moved closer to the stage. Maybe my obstructed view was interfering with my hearing. But then I heard it -- loud and clear. "The smell of death around you." Indeed, it was Lynard Skynard. A medley. In reality, it was dueling pianos, an act Rum Bay features every Wednesday night. On another occasion, I happened to catch a Janis Joplin set. And some Eagles. Cabaret-style. Like I said, stranger things have happened. But not much stranger. (SB)

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