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Best Place To Find Old Time Celluloid Heroes

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

30 W. Dale St., 634-5583

You and your smuggled-in candy, sinking into red velvet chairs. You stare up at the magnificent, giant art deco crystal chandelier, suspended from the ceiling high above, its bulbs glimmering, then slowly dimming. The thick red curtain parts, revealing a large, illuminated curved screen. Sweeping violin music comes at you from all sides. Then Marlon Brando appears, vision of coolness that he is, bigger than life, breathing, staring at you, speaking directly to you ... No glitz, no glitter. No nachos, no special effects. No digitally remastered surround sound, no promotional cutouts or previews. No marketable soundtrack or Happy Meal items. Just actors and a storyline, gritty, black and white. This is the real tinseltown. This is the classic Film Series at the Fine Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights. Better than AMC and your couch. Cheaper than cable. $2.75 gets you a ticket back to the good ol' days. (SB)

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