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Best Of, Volume 1: food, drink and nightlife.
Best Of, Volume 2: everything else.

It's not descriptive, it's not catchy, it doesn't even really sound that fun. But the grab bag that is this second Best Of Colorado Springs issue is actually pretty fascinating.

Where can you get a bald fade and a beer? Who's keeping tabs on tear-powered eyeglasses? Does the Person You Wish Could Be Mayor want to be mayor, or is the smart money on Adam Leech?

You'll find the answers within. That's mostly thanks to you, the 8,200-plus people who cast ballots in this year's voting, though we did get an assist from our writers and editors: Bree Abel, Edie Adelstein, Kirsten Akens, Leah Barker, Suzie Calvin, Bryce Crawford, Bill Forman, Chet Hardin, Debbie Kelley, Kendall Kullman, Mary Jo Meade, Monika Mitchell Randall, Ralph Routon, Matthew Schniper, J. Adrian Stanley, Claire Swinford, Jill Thomas, Rich Tosches, Sarah White, Kirk Woundy and Pam Zubeck.

And bringing this issue to life, our photographers: Brienne Boortz, Casey Bradley Gent, Sean Cayton, Jon Kelley, L'Aura Montgomery and Kin Scott.

Without further ado, we invite you to dig in.

— The Indy edit staff

Click here for the entire Best of 2010 volume 2 table of contents!

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