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Early in our planning for this year's Best Of Colorado Springs coverage, an Indy graybeard remembered the '80s sci-fi movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Maybe, he said, we should bring a futuristic theme to the 2010 Best Of!

Cooler heads eventually defeated the gratuitous use of alien-baby imagery, and a much-discussed tribute to Roy Scheider. But we couldn't shake the future thing entirely. Instead, we just dumbed the whole concept down to fortune cookies and predictions. So in this and next week's issue, some of our favorite locals — as decided by more than 8,200 readers who voted in August — will discuss not only why they're so good, but also why the years ahead promise to get even better.

Your tour guides are the following writers and editors: Bree Abel, Edie Adelstein, Kirsten Akens, Leah Barker, Suzie Calvin, Bryce Crawford, Bill Forman, Debbie Kelley, Kendall Kullman, Mary Jo Meade, Monika Mitchell Randall, Ralph Routon, Matthew Schniper, J. Adrian Stanley, Claire Swinford, Jill Thomas, Sarah White, Kirk Woundy and Pam Zubeck. And, photographers: Brienne Boortz, Casey Bradley Gent, Sean Cayton, Jon Kelley, L'Aura Montgomery and Kin Scott.

We hope you enjoy what follows, and that your next year is full of adventure.

— The Indy edit staff

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