• Photo by Brienne Boortz
  • Terra Verde


Place for a Unique Gift

Terra Verde

208 N. Tejon St., 444-8621

Walking through Terra Verde is kind of like opening a hipsters unmarked moving box; you get bath and body items, kitchen gadgets, accessories galore, clothes and shoes. Gail Ethier, Terra Verde sales representative of 10 years, says seat-belt purses, antique-looking kaleidoscopes and a machine that dispenses liquor four bottles at a time are some distinctive items. (And theres great furniture, too.) "We have an amazing selection," adds store manager Amy Christensen. "Theres something in here for everyone, all seasons, all events: wedding, birthday, Christmas and baby gifts." Jewelry, hair accessories and fashionable hats and scarves adorn every corner of this lovely downtown alcove. CR

Piercing Parlor

Shrap Metal

2928 Parker St., 963-3279

One reason Shrap Metal rates as your favorite piercing parlor: OK, you decide on the fly that its time for a new piercing. You walk in without an appointment, and theres always a piercer in-house. Shawn, the owner, says Shrap Metal also stands out because his two piercers are medically trained, Chris having been an EMT for seven years and Mike with 13 years as a surgical first assistant. They take care of their customers whose favorite piercing, overall, is the navel ring and make sure everyone leaves happy. CSB

  • Photo by Johnnie Edger
  • Shrap Metal

Cheap Haircut


Multiple locations


Would you rather spend $50 on a haircut done by someone who only trims two heads a day, or $12 on a "do done by someone who cuts five times that? At SuperCuts, an experienced staff of well-trained scissor jockeys offers quick haircuts at affordable prices. Your cutter will even wash your hair for you beforehand for a few extra bucks. Dont forget: lather, rinse and repeat. Always repeat. TT

Hair Stylist

Laurie Ann Carman at Image by Design Salon and Day Spa

2230 N. Wahsatch Ave., 635-9227

Theres nothing worse than going in for a haircut and seeing a stylist approaching with her hair frosted, gelled and wrapped in a banana clip behind a set of mall bangs. For those of you who dont know what Im talking about: Cmon, you know what Im talking about. For those of you with that hairstyle: Go see Laurie Ann Carman. She can be found at Image by Design, in the cozy Bon Shopping Center. Carman credits her success to the support of her staff and her salons friendly environment, as well as styling classes that keep her and other Image cutters up to date. FG

Nail Salon

Salon 21

2121 Templeton Gap Road, 633-8480

Upon sitting down for my French manicure, it was immediately obvious why you voted Salon 21 the top nail salon. It was as if I walked into a good girlfriends living room: comfortable, casual and full of juicy conversation. Owner Tiffany Kadrmas and staff have worked together in various salons around the Springs for more than 20 years, in some cases, and celebrated their third anniversary as Salon 21 this summer. Forty minutes and $18 later, I felt as if Id known them for ages and almost asked to join them for their Friday night out. CSB Day Spa

Veda Salon and Spa

4697 Centennial Blvd., 265-5660

2110 Southgate Road, #201, 578-8332

7443 N. Academy Blvd., 314-1480


Admit it: When you hear the words "salt scrub" and "seaweed wrap," you think of a woman. Its time to discard that line of thinking and adopt a new one, says Carrie Perkins, COO and owner of Veda Salon. "Its OK for men to go [to the salon] now," she says. "Theres less stigma." Whether you fancy a couples retreat, a Himalayan steam detox treatment or just a relaxing facial, Veda is in the business of spoiling you. "Were all about service," says Perkins, "putting the guest first and treating them how we would want to be treated." ALL

Place for Eyewear


5755 & 5759 N. Academy Blvd., 548-8650

750 Citadel Drive East, 591-0199

1701 Briargate Blvd., 266-8485


Whether you yearn for frames made of thick plastic or skinny metal, or new-school "hybrids" made of both, readers say LensCrafters is the best place to buy your spectacles. For those wondering how some new frames might look, the company helpfully posts pictures of Heidi Klum modeling the latest styles on its Web site. Still debating round, rectangular or even butterfly-shaped frames? The company offers online guidance and in-store advice to pick frames that match your face. And colors? Yes, apparently they can help you there, too. AL

Writers Pick

Local Fashion Statement

Lime-green peace T-shirts

Available at: The Bookman,

3163 W. Colorado Ave., 636-0055

The St. Paddys Day Seven made all sorts of statements this year. As a result, their peace Ts have been popping up all over town. Join the movement and buy one of your very own at The Bookman. KA

Consignment Store

Eves Revolution

1312 W. Colorado Ave., 633-1357


Id call this cozy establishment the best-kept secret in town except you named it top consignment store this year, and last. Eves offers a chance to upgrade your wardrobe with high-end, designer-brand clothing for next to nothing. And your shopping experience might include cinnamon incense, candles and soft music. "This is not just your Gap T-shirt place," says owner Eve Carlson. "We offer new, resale and trade options here, and I go to L.A. frequently to buy funky pieces that no one else has." LLL

Shoe Store


Multiple locations


Because youre only going to wear those new pumps until they get a scuff. Because your kids feet grow faster than Chinas economy. Because your dog cant wait to sink his teeth into those trail runners. Really, why pay more? Payless last won this award in 2002, but it appears that Springers are rediscovering their inner bargain shopper now that theyre pouring most of their fun money into gas tanks. On a recent trip to Payless, we found plenty of trendy footwear. Favorite shoes included patent leather pumps in a variety of colors. Trs cheap ahem, chic. JAS

Chain Store for Womens Fashions


2725 Janitell Road, 527-0610

3110 N. Powers Blvd., 637-0214

15866 Jackson Creek Pkwy., Monument, 488-4531


We know why you love Kohls. It isnt those "all-day doorbuster" sales. It isnt the choices in juniors, misses, petites and womens sizes. It isnt all the brand names like Vera Wang, Mudd, Chaps, Candies and Croft & Barrow. Or even the shoes and accessories. Its celebrity fashion diva Daisy Fuentes and her Kohls-exclusive clothing line. K-Mart may have Martha Stewart, but Daisy even in her rhinestone-encrusted, sling-back shoes kicks Marthas behind every time. With a little cleavage and a lot of sparkle, shes got our fashion number. Face it, Martha, the khakis and man-shirt just dont cut it anymore. JT

Tanning Salon

Tan Your Hide

Multiple locations


If youve ever seen Cameron Diazs elderly roommate from Theres Something About Mary, you already know that tanning beds should be approached with caution. However, theres also no need to blind innocent co-workers and passers-by on company-cookout day with legs the color of Dairy Queen soft-serve. When I first walked into the Tan Your Hide on South Academy, it felt more L.A. than Colorado Springs. The atmosphere screamed vogue, complete with chrome accessories and an array of exotic indoor lotions displayed prominently on the wall. Best of all, with eight locations and an array of beds, there was no wait. AG

Writers Pick

Place to Take Your Preteen Female Babysitting Charges

Bead Gallery

1424 Kelly Johnson Blvd., 260-8560


Its a pre-teen dream a store designed to encourage jewelry-making skills with the help of professionals. The gallery will keep young craftswomen busy for hours while they peruse individual containers in search of the perfect materials. AG

Tattoo Emporium

  • Photo by Sean Cayton
  • West Side Tattoo

West Side Tattoo

2031 W. Colorado Ave., 219-4800


Think surgical suite with rock pulsing in the background were talking spotless here, as in sterile. Owner Brian Moore employs six artists, most with more than 10 years experience. Portfolios line the room, filled with photos of intricately tattooed body parts. Artist Aaron Moore offers his take on body art: "Our art extends way beyond the tattoo," he says. "Skin just happens to be our favorite canvas." And, he says, doing this work is a real honor. "We only get one shot, and our customers wear our art every day for the rest of their lives." You can get it all at West Side from Hot Wheels logos to "bananas on the butt" for $60 and up. LLL

Vintage Clothing Store

The Leechpit
  • Photo by Brienne Boortz
  • The Leechpit

708 N. Weber St., 634-3675


Leechpit owner (and Indy contributor) Adam Leech says hes been flying by the seat of his pants for the past few years. "Weve just started to figure it out," he says. But he credits his thousand billion MySpace friends for this years award. "Other vintage clothing stores dont have that," he says. (They probably dont have his "babys-bottom" standard for T-shirt softness, either.) And speaking of those other stores, Leech appreciates that the Springs has become a city with room for more than one. He says that as new stores open, he finds that one store doesnt cannibalize the other, but boosts the overall market. FG

Jewelry Store

Luisa Graff

Diamonds & Jewelers

4663 Centennial Blvd., 260-0100


  • Photo by Sean Cayton
  • Luisa Graff

Ratana Hipple, general manager for Luisa Graff Diamonds & Jewelers, sees no reason why diamonds shouldnt be a girls best friend. "Dont you love diamonds?" she asks me. And I have to reply, laughing, that yes, yes, I do. I also love gold, silver, pearls and colored gems. All of which can be found on the shelves at the 7-year-old store. Hipple and owner Luisa Graff just got back from Thailand on one of their regular buying trips, so you can be confident that not only are their shelves stocked, but theyre filled to the brim with the newest of the finest. KA

Thrift Store

The Arc

4402 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 522-1203

1830 W. Uintah St., 473-0502

2780 S. Academy Blvd., 391-7717


  • Photo by Jon Kelley
  • The Arc

If one mans trash really is another mans treasure, then everyone should shop at The Arc for their essential needs, right? Well, I found a pretty sweet pair of roller skates there for my Halloween costume as a roller girl. Antiquated and essential. Where else could I find such a thing? Hmmm. I guess I could always ask the person skating to my car window at the Sonic to borrow hers ... I think Ill just go to The Arc. CR

Hair Salon

Montage Salon & Spa

3564 N. Academy Blvd., 574-3205


Tired of being labeled "client"? That terminology doesnt exist at the 5-year-old Montage Salon & Spa. Walk in the door, and you become a guest. According to co-owner Christian Malacara, he and his partner chose the name because "montage means a collection. Its made up of everybody, staff and guests." And that obviously includes the broader community; staff is involved in raising awareness of issues such as breast cancer and AIDS. An Aveda Concept salon, Montage carries the environmentally conscious product line and recycles the many bottles it goes through each year. How could you not want to get your hair cut (or nails done and brows waxed) in a place that does so much good? KA

  • Photo by Brienne Boortz
  • Montage Salon

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