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In Vogue: First-Place WInners
Feature Story: Forward Fashion

Real Deals: First-Place Winners
Feature Story: An embarrassment of riches

Training Ground: First-Place Winners
Feature Story: Lip Service

Power Players: First-Place Winners
Feature Story: High Fidelity

Image Makers: First-Place Winners
Feature Story: A site to be seen

Last week's winners

Garden of the Gods - PHOTO BY JON KELLEY
  • Photo by Jon Kelley
  • Garden of the Gods

Thanks for picking up the second and final issue of our reader-voted Best Of Colorado Springs coverage. If you missed last week's paper, catch up online at

OK, only the stuff before the slash on that URL actually exists. But you really can access last week's winners there. That issue covered more than 100 categories in food and drink; this one will do the same with goods, services, local celebs and attractions (such as particularly well-known parks featuring red rocks and photogenic tourists in hats).

As explained last week, we've changed up the format in '07. Full winners' lists kick off the package. They double as tables of contents for finding write-ups of your first-place winners.

And those write-ups are worth a look. You may learn about the origin of one of your favorite shops, gather odd trivia, or hear a beloved TV or radio personality explain what it's like to be such a rock star.

This year's writers include: Deb Acord, Edie Adelstein, Kirsten Akens, Pete Freedman, Frances Gomeztagle, Angela Grosshans, Anthony Lane (AL), Linda Lewis, Amanda Lundgren (ALL), Monika Mitchell Randall, Christina A. Roller, Ralph Routon, Matthew Schniper, Carrie Simison-Bitz, J. Adrian Stanley, Terry Terrones, Jill Thomas, David Torres-Rouff and Kirk Woundy.

And this year's photographers: Brienne Boortz, Sean Cayton, Johnnie Enger, Jon Kelley and L'Aura Montgomery.

Thanks again for voting and for reading. Enjoy.

The Indy edit staff


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