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Best of 2006

Well, it's that time of the year again, when you, the readers, dump nearly 3,500 ballots on the Indy, shouting out your favorite town nouns (people, places, things). Once we bounce the cheaters, input all the ballots and number-crunch for the winners (this process requires 73 well-fed, calculator-savvy chimpanzees and one dedicated CEO), we deliver to you this comprehensive listing of who's who in the Springs.

This year, we've broken our coverage into two issues. Out this week is food and drink; out next week will be goods, services and citizens. And in honor of our first Best Of double issue, we've gone a little "double" crazy in our photography, as astute readers will notice.

Also new this year: All of our gold winners are honored with write-ups. You'll find the silver and bronze winners listed directly below the gold winners in each category.

If you don't agree with this year's selections, then rally your friends and vote in force next year. (Really. We love counting the ballots.) In the meantime, don't blame us ...

Lastly, a fun FYI: We received the most votes in the pizza and coffee categories, ya' cheesy caffeine-heads.

The Indy edit staff

Welcome to Week Two of Best Of 2006. If you missed last week's paper, in which we honored the finest of food and drink, you missed such highlights as: Starbucks, 15C and The Famous nabbing multiple awards, and Martini Shot winning for Best Cover Band and Best Original Band. Who knew?

As promised, here's our tally of the best goods, services and citizens. Once again, you tell Focus on the Family to "get outta heeya" and profess love for a certain Mr. Skorman, among others. The big-winner-of-the-week can't speak for itself, but rest assured that Garden of the Gods thanks you. And so do we: Thanks for participating.

The Indy edit staff

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