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Beasts and Brews promises butcher shop, locavore bites and 100 taps come 2019


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Colorado Springs will soon host the brainchild of a noted culinarian. Jason Nauert owns, directs and teaches the only American Culinary Federation-certified butchery program, the mobile Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat. And in early 2019, he’s opening his first restaurant, Beasts and Brews.

He’s hired executive chef Noah Siebenaller, formerly of Phantom Canyon Brewing Co., to design the menu. They’ll specialize in butchery and local meats, offering an approachable menu. In addition to bites like street tacos, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, they’ll serve dry-aged beef and wild game, with a rotating menu built on seasonal produce. Expect also a full-service retail butcher shop in the store, offering butcher cuts and prepared meats.

“We’re trying to crack the code on providing our guests with truly local-sourced products,” says Siebenaller. “We want our produce, we want our meats, we want everything to come from Colorado, especially Colorado Springs, as much as humanly possible.”

“One of our goals is to have close relationships with as many local farmers and ranchers as we can establish,” he says. But he and Nauert won’t be single-sourcing any given meat — they’ll work with a few farms for beef, a few for lamb and so on. They hope Beasts and Brews can help other restaurants source locally without putting their entire demand on one farm.
Location Details Beasts and Brews
7 Spectrum Loop
Colorado Springs, CO
11 a.m. until 10 p.m., Monday-Thursday; until 11 p.m. Friday-Saturday; until 8 p.m., Sunday
For produce, they intend to keep things even tighter, building their own greenhouses and growing their own. That, Nauert confirms, will take a year or two after opening, so they’re buying from Springs-based food distributor FoodMaven and local producers like Peyton’s Ahavah Farm for now. They’re also working with FoodMaven to find ranches for sourcing game meats like elk.

Customers will be able to wash their meaty meals down with offerings from over 100 self-serve taps featuring beer, wine and whiskey. Their beer list will feature all Colorado-brewed beers, and they intend to include Springs breweries. They’ll also include brews from macrobrewery MillerCoors, which owns brands like Colorado Native. They’ll have three “sipping whiskeys” on tap — they’ve already signed a deal with Axe and the Oak, with two others to be determined.

“We’re not looking to be a sports bar, which a lot of people might [assume],” says Siebenaller, citing their huge tap list. The spot, currently under construction, won’t have televisions. Rather, the 165-seat restaurant will host custom wildlife paintings, commissioned from local artist Jon Francis.

With construction underway, Nauert hopes to open in January or February 2019. They’ll start the hiring process in mid-December. Nauert plans to hire around 75 percent veterans (Siebenaller served), part of his ongoing mission to support vets. Long-term, he hopes to use Beasts and Brews as a pipeline for veterans to get into the farming, butchery and food service industries. Through his Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat, Nauert already teaches field dressing and butchery classes for both Colorado State Parks and Wildlife and the Army Special Forces.

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