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Bar-K raises the shaken vs. stirred question


  • Griffin Swartzell
When we first visited Bar-K in mid-2016, we dug the vibe but found the signature drinks in need of polish. We’ve since learned why Indy readers endorsed the chill spot in 2016’s Best Of — it tied for Best New Bar. With the presence of beloved local barman Otis Mitchem, the love for the low-key spot is unlikely to tarnish.
Location Details Bar-K
124 E. Costilla St.
Colorado Springs, CO
I start with a signature Noche de los Muertos ($8), built on a sturdy flavor base of Lee Spirits cocoa gin, orange juice and Chateau Monet raspberry liqueur with a little spice from Lee Spirits GinFuego. It goes down easy but has enough complexity to work as a sipper. Mitchem’s old fashioned, ($8 during happy hour) which I get with Old Scout American whiskey, inspires a brief conversation: I prefer that drink stirred, rather than shaken, preserving subtleties in the whiskey. Mitchem prefers to shake — it dissolves a sugar cube faster, and he says simple syrup makes the drink too sweet. Chalk one up to taste and order another.

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