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503W, 503 W. Colorado Ave., 471-3370

Ancient Mariner, 962 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, 685-5503

Benny's Restaurant & Lounge, 517 W. Colorado Ave., 634-9309

Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave., 227-7625

The Blue Moose Tavern, 10530 Ute Pass Ave., Green Mountain Falls, 418-3384

Bricks Sports Bar & Grill, 1840 N. Academy Blvd., 638-2022

Broadmoor Academy of Music, 1223 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite C, 576-3979

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, 30 W. Dale St., 634-5581

Cucuru Gallery Café, 2332 W. Colorado Ave., 520-9900

Frankie's Bar & Grill, 945 N. Powers Blvd., 574-4881

Front Range Barbeque, 2330 W. Colorado Ave., 632-2596

Fujiyama, 22 S. Tejon St., Suite A, 630-1167

Holy Cow Pub & Grill, 5885 Stetson Hills Blvd., 465-1704

Ivywild School, 1604 S. Cascade Ave., 368-6100

Jack Quinn Irish Alehouse & Pub, 21 S. Tejon St., 385-0766

Johnny's Navajo Hogan, 2817 N. Nevada Ave., 344-9593

Kasey's Bar & Grill, 1919 E. Boulder St., 635-8128

Margarita at PineCreek, 7350 Pine Creek Road, 598-8667

Meadow Muffins, 2432 W. Colorado Ave., 633-0583

Motif, 2432 Cucharras St., 635-5635

Park East Restaurant, 720 Goodnight Ave., Pueblo, 719/565-6655

The Perk Downtown, 14 S. Tejon St., 635-1600

Rawkus, 3506 N. Academy Blvd., 596-0000

Rico's Café and Wine Bar, 322½ N. Tejon St., 578-5549

The Sky Box Lounge, 2102 E. Bijou St., 634-4815

Sonterra Innovative Southwest Grill, 28B S. Tejon St., 471-9222

SouthSide Johnny's, 528 S. Tejon St., 444-8487

Spice Island Grill, 10 N. Sierra Madre St., 473-8280

Stargazers Theatre and Event Center, 10 S. Parkside Drive, 476-2200

Sunshine Studios, 3970 Clearview Frontage Road, 392-8921

Thirsty Parrot, 32 S. Tejon St., 884-1094

Tony's Bar, 311 N. Tejon St., 228-6566

Townhouse Lounge, 907 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, 685-1085

Triple Nickel Tavern, 26 S. Wahsatch Ave., 477-9555

Urban Steam Coffee Bar, 1025 S. Sierra Madre St., 473-7832

V Bar, 19 E. Kiowa St., 635-9599

Wild Goose Meeting House, 401 N. Tejon St., 445-0170

Wooglin's Deli & Café, 823 N. Tejon St., 578-9443

Zodiac Venue and Bar, 230 Pueblo Ave., 632-5059

Wednesday 01/08

Bricks, Wednesday Night "Rush Hour" Blues Jam with The Tracy Quinn Band (blues), 6p.m.

Front Range Barbeque, Good Gravy! (bluegrass), 7:30p.m.

Jack Quinn's, Shawn James and the Shapeshifters (Americana), 8p.m.

Margarita at PineCreek, Crystal and the Curious (jazz), 7p.m.

Park East, The Martini Shot Unplugged (acoustic), 7p.m.

Rico's, Paul Myrow (blues), 7p.m.

Thirsty Parrot, Colorado Springs Contemporary Jazz Big Band (jazz), 6p.m.

Thursday 01/09

Benny's, Jerry Roskin Jam (open mic), 8p.m.

Black Sheep, The Dead Side, Sargents Sargents, Flannel Surf (rock/pop), 7p.m., $5-$7.

Ivywild School, Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff (folk), 7p.m., $20.

Jack Quinn's, Pub Sing-along with Brian Clancy (world), 7:30p.m.

Rico's, John Wise & Susan Rissman (jazz), 7p.m.

Spice Island, Reggae Nights (world), 8p.m.

Tony's, Get Awesome Thursdays, with DJ Wesley Wayne (dance), 8p.m.

Urban Steam, Lazer and Levi Acoustic Duo (acoustic), 7p.m.

Friday 01/10

503W, Chauncy Crandall and Broken Never Better (rock/pop),8p.m.

Benny's, Jake Loggins (blues), 9p.m.

Black Sheep, Least of These, Levi the Poet, Tiger Wine (rock/pop), 7p.m., $5-$7.

Blue Moose Tavern, DJ Brady (dance), 8p.m.

Broadmoor Academy of Music, Friday Jazz Jam Session (jazz), 7p.m.

Cucuru, Rico (jazz), 7p.m.

Frankie's, Suga' Bear & The Show Time Band (R&B), 8p.m.

Fujiyama, Barbara Ernst/Mistura Bela (world), 7p.m.

Holy Cow, Holy Cow (rock/pop), 9p.m.

Jack Quinn's, Mark's Midnight Carnival Show (rock/pop), 9p.m.

Johnny's Navajo Hogan, 40 oz. Freedom Fighters (rock/pop), 8:30p.m.

Kasey's, DJ Big Mike (dance), 9p.m.

Meadow Muffins, Johnny Graves & the Blues Waves (blues), 9p.m.

Motif, Steve Draper Trio (jazz), 7:45p.m.

The Perk Downtown, BRAS Open Stage (acoustic), 8p.m., $4-$7.

Rico's, The Storys (folk), 7:30p.m.

Sonterra, John Stone (acoustic), 7p.m.

SouthSide Johnny's, Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions (rock/pop), 8:30p.m.

Stargazers, Pauline Reese (country), 6:30p.m.

Townhouse, Hillbilly Luv Gawds (rock/pop), 9p.m.

Triple Nickel, DJ Nunchuck (dance), 9p.m.

Urban Steam, Barrel House String Band (bluegrass), 8p.m.

V Bar, DJ Gravity (dance), 9p.m.

Wooglin's, Second Friday at Wooglins (acoustic), 7p.m.

Saturday 01/11

503W, Joe Johnson (rock/pop),8p.m.

Ancient Mariner, Radio London's Family Elephant (rock/pop), 9p.m.

Benny's, D Day Invasion (blues), 9p.m.

Black Sheep, Pain Machine, Grindscape, The Dub Project, Six Feet of Anger (metal), 7p.m., $5-$7.

FAC, The Haunted Windchimes (Americana), 7:30p.m., $20.

Cucuru, John Wise (R&B), 7p.m.

Frankie's, Suga' Bear & The Show Time Band (R&B), 8p.m.

Holy Cow, 6035 (rock/pop), 9p.m.

Jack Quinn's, Chancers Hooley (world), 9p.m.

Motif, Alan Joseph (jazz), 7:45p.m.

Rawkus, Noel Sanger, Lady Shah, Eric J (dance), 9p.m., $10-$20.

Rico's, Bill Snyder (blues), 7p.m.

The Sky Box Lounge, The Reid Holmes Invitational "Live Music Jam" (open mic), 8p.m.

Sonterra, John Stone (acoustic), 7p.m.

Sunshine Studios, Eat a Helicopter, Conflicts, From Faith Through Lies (rock/pop), 6:30p.m., $8.

Townhouse, Jake Loggins (blues), 9p.m.

Triple Nickel, IZE, Robot Peanut Butter, The Shooting Stars (rock/pop), 9p.m.

V Bar, DJ Gravity (dance), 9p.m.

Wild Goose, New Vintage Jazz (jazz), 7p.m.

Sunday 01/12

Jack Quinn's, Traditional Irish Session (world), 3p.m.

Tony's, DJ Sheldon B (dance), 10p.m.

Zodiac, Nerd Nite, hosted by Deanoptimus (dance), 8p.m.

Monday 01/13

Zodiac, Open Mic hosted by Andrea Stone (open mic), 8p.m.

Tuesday 01/14

Benny's, Sweet T's Rude Blues Jam (blues), 7p.m.

Townhouse, Open Mic (open mic), 9p.m.

Zodiac, Goth Nite with DJ Raid (dance), 9p.m.

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