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Bacon Jam

Brother Luck Street Eats


Render down the bacon in a skillet until crispy over medium heat, then remove. Caramelize the onion in the bacon fat, and strain fat (save for anything awesome). Add the remaining ingredients, including the crispy bacon, and reduce by half. Purée until smooth in a food processor and grab a spoon. Makes approximately 1 quart.


Our bacon jam is just pure fat and madness. We use it on our bacon-jam burgers and sometimes throw it on the random dessert, such as maple ice cream. We started messing around with this idea years ago for a savory cheesecake with rosemary and goat cheese, which needed a sweet/salty crunch on top. Afterward, I thought this would make a delicious burger component. The flavors are savory, sweet and salty, which result in a total sensory overload.

— Submitted by chef/owner Brother Luck

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