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All through 2008, we were bombarded right and left with promises of and vows for "change." Well, here we are, launching into 2009. What's in store?


Jason Witt
Bon Shopping Center area

Laid-off city traffic engineer

What would be a good motto for you in 2009? Smell the roses. Get out more to enjoy the parks.

Who, locally, will fare well in 2009? Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. They'll draw lots of tourists because both places are beautiful, have historic interest, and benefit from the expanding park system.

Name something you'll do for the first time this coming year. I'm planning to rent an RV and go on a cross-country trip.

Suggest a New Year's resolution for President-elect Obama. Bring industry and jobs back to the United States.

And for the outgoing president, George W. Bush? Resolve to stay out of the media. They have a field day with you.


Suzanne Ferrell
Red Rock Ranch

Computer programmer

Offer a fitting epitaph for 2008. Bye-bye, Bush.

What's a good motto for 2009? Caring change.

Predict a big story in 2009 for Colorado Springs. A financially ailing Focus on the Family moves elsewhere.

Who, locally, will win big this coming year? There'll be no big winners. Not this year.

Who'll lose big? All of us, because we voted down the tax increases that would have better funded the police, education and the disabled.

Offer New Year's resolutions for incoming President Obama and outgoing President Bush. For Obama: Get us out of Iraq. For Bush: Go to Iraq.


Thacker Higgins
Woodland Park


Suggest an apt motto for 2009. No politicians at all.

Who'll be a big winner this coming year? The people who were big losers the past eight years people who steadfastly hung in there, did their duty, and listened to people in power who were clueless, preying and/or manipulative.

What's something you will do for the first time in 2009? Get personally involved in my daughter's public school system. Do a little parental participation.

Suggest a New Year's resolution for Barack Obama. Hang in there. Keep being your own man as much as possible.

And do you have one for George W. Bush? Watch out. It's not inconceivable you could end up in handcuffs.

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