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Atypical essentials


When you pack your bags and head back to school, you'll need more than that laptop and floral print comforter. Put these essentials on your list immediately.

A tie -- or something to hang from your door knob. A useful code for those times when you have someone over and, um, don't want your roommate to walk in on you.

Birthday candles -- In a college dorm, it's a nice touch.

A little black book -- If you don't already have one, college is the time to start one.

A flask -- Some say no matter how much you drink, you're not really an alcoholic until after you graduate.

Earplugs -- There will inevitably be times when your roommate wants to tell you about a bad date or econ midterm and you don't really care.

A really good coffee mug -- Being prepared for class means more than having a sharp number 2 pencil and fresh notebook paper. If you have to wake up before 10, don't let the caffeine flow stop and don't leave the dorm room without this.

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