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Assault weapons, Orlando, McCain, Lamborn and the VA, and more



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Worth a try

The only infringement that occurs by banning assault weapons is that people will not be legally allowed to own assault weapons. This infringement is akin to the "infringement" that society (us) imposes on us to stop at red lights, pay our taxes, etc. A part of being responsible is to act in support of the common good.

Lots of innocent people have been killed with assault rifles. Trying to legally control the ownership and use of them is simply a logical step. As responsible, caring citizens we should all be willing to sacrifice the ownership of assault rifles in order to help the common good.

We should at least give ourselves the opportunity to try it and see if it works. Let's be bold. Let's try to care.

— Chris Donahue


New outlook

It'll take more days, or a few weeks. But soon enough, tears and teddy bears on the pavement in Orlando will end up changing the national conversation.

A minority of misfits, talents and outrageous characters got harmed: people who grew up being put down and gut-punched by jerks, wedgied by the football team, condemned to hell by preachers, kicked out homeless by parents.

These are survivors who see a big deal about a single instance of bullying on the news and say, "Growing up, that was any weekday afternoon."

Now, these are out and proud people. These people can state, "Honey. You REALLY don't want to mess with me. I might be limp-wristed but I can be one mean bitch when I need to be."

And mean it. And open up 12 cans of Whoop Ass as necessary. Wait and see.

— Bob Kirby

Colorado Springs

McCain the weasel

Is anyone else getting as sick and tired as I am of the hypocritical, cowardly public figures who make statements that, in my opinion, are slanderous, and then claim they have "misspoken," that their words have been "taken out of context," that the media have skewed their words or their meanings, etc. John McCain's blaming President Obama, saying he is directly responsible for the Orlando shootings is disgusting as well as slanderous, and harmful to our country.

Don't these people realize their words are heard all over the world? Do they honestly want to make the U.S. look bad to others? It's bad enough that we have someone as ignorant, vile, bigoted and totally unqualified running for president, someone who makes us look like a joke.

I have been around for a long time and have lived through many elections, but never have I heard the undignified, low-class, nasty comments we are hearing right now. To those who make these remarks, if you're going to do this, at least be open about what you've said and don't try to weasel out of your nastiness by pretending you didn't say or mean what you said. We all saw and heard you.

— Sally Alberts


Lamborn's folly

Rep. Doug Lamborn is co-signing a bill to privatize the VA. It makes political sense for a career politician to make a "bold proposal" during an election cycle, but the sad reality is that this is just a political stunt with no real solution to fixing the problem. It is no secret that Doug Lamborn does not like President Obama. He refers to "Obama's VA," implying its failures are the president's alone, which is odd given that Rep. Lamborn is a senior member of the Veterans Affairs Committee. But the failure to work together on this issue is not only hurting veterans, it's killing them.

In my view, Rep. Lamborn's real intent is to generate profit from disabled veterans. Right now, organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars will help a veteran with claims, appeals or general support for free; apparently, Lamborn does not like this. He would rather privatize the VA and open the floodgates to special interest money, lobbyists, and big donors who can all profit from caring for veterans. By putting the burden on the veteran to find adequate care, these parties stand to gain enormously — and Rep. Lamborn made it happen for them.

One of the VA's most important missions is to be a safety net: If you raise your right hand to protect and defend the Constitution, then we, as a nation, will never let you live or die on the streets. Rep. Lamborn has abandoned our sacred promise to those who serve this country for the sake of financial gain and to me, that is unacceptable for any American.

— Donald E. Martinez

Colorado Springs

Thank you, COS

A love letter from Manitou Springs: Dearest residents of Colorado Springs, it is from the bottom of our hearts that we say thank you for driving 10 minutes to our small hamlet to spend all of your hard-earned money on marijuana. As a result of your generosity, our city's coffers are bursting at the seams. What a principled people you are, forgoing millions in tax dollars in the name of keeping drugs out of your community, even though you can drive west for 10 minutes and get all of the pot you want.

God only knows what would become of Colorado Springs if its residents didn't have to go all the way to Manitou to get their pot.

So once again, thank you. We will be sure to dedicate one of our many non-essential and opulent city improvement projects to the good people of Colorado Springs.

— Brent I. Weiner

Manitou Springs

Picking winners

I have served my community for many years and in many ways. I have been a thorn in the shoes of those who do not live up to their promises. Now for the first time I am making endorsements.

County Commissioner District 2, Mark Waller. A person with political experience. He understands how to deal with the Capitol insanity. He is willing to take the time to talk with others to understand our needs. With his leadership experience, he can start moving us forward as soon as possible.

District 3, Stan VanderWerf. We met at a debate. I could see his enthusiasm in what he wants for his community. He understands the need for better incomes. He wants to bring corporations and jobs so our children will stay and we can watch them grow. He wants to keep our military community now and in the future. Stan is the man.

District 4, Scott Turner. When we met I saw a man who looked at me not as a voter but as a family member. He spoke in a gentle tone. He asked who I was and why I was there. He looked me in the eye, the mark of a person who understands you, me and our families. We need a gentle hand in politics. He believes in our constitutional rights.

I met with them separately. We spoke for over an hour. They understood why they needed to work together. No one spoke of a personal agenda. It felt like a Sunday family meal. Conversation on how to help each other not argue who was better at this and that.

It is your right to vote. It is your duty to your family to vote. Do not ask others to choose for you our leadership.

— Lawrence Martinez

Colorado Springs

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