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All of us have favorite little enclaves around town sometimes specific houses that we fantasize living in.


Katherine Fatica
West side

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What's the most interesting neighborhood in town? The west side. It's loaded with little ins and outs of history, unusual architecture, people with different ways of looking at life.

If money were no object, what neighborhood would you live in? A remodeled old house on the west side with big trees and a view of Pikes Peak would be as good as it gets.

Characterize other neighborhoods around town. The Briargate area seems sterile and impersonal. A woman in my neighborhood lives in the house she was born in. A few years back, she was talked into buying a house in Briargate. She lived there two years, couldn't stand it, and bought her old west-side house back.

Which is better: a new house in a newer neighborhood, or an old house in a neighborhood with "character"? Newer neighborhoods have covenants that make them homogenous and one-size-fits-all. Older neighborhoods have diversity and community.


Jeff Morrison

Glen Eyrie Conference Center
What's this town's most interesting neighborhood? Old Colorado City because of the history and cool old houses.

If you could live in any neighborhood, which? I like neighborhoods close to the mountains, especially the Pleasant Valley area.

Does Colorado Springs have an east-west rivalry? The west has history, lots of trees, pretty scenery. The further east you go, the flatter it gets, the more houses are on top of each other.

Which is better: new houses or older houses with "character"? I like houses with cool woodwork fashioned by someone long ago. I like that continuum with the past.


Tech Sgt. Jeffery Russ

Peterson Air Force Base
What area do you fantasize living in? I picture myself in one of those huge, historic old houses just above Uintah and Nevada. It's a slower, quieter neighborhood that reminds me of growing up in north Florida.

Characterize a few neighborhoods around town. Briargate is upscale. The west side is older, slower. Stetson Hills is 35- to 45-year-old on-the-rise business types.

What's best about Colorado Springs? We're military, and Colorado Springs is our best stop ever. There's always something to do.

Do you prefer newer houses and neighborhoods, or older houses and established areas? I grew up in an old house. I'd rather live in a new house now. I'd be happiest moving a house from Briargate to Old Colorado City.


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