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The poet Walt Whitman argued that what American literature most needs is better readers. Could a similar argument be made about the music scene in Colorado Springs and environs?


Cicily Janus of Ivywild is a writer, teacher and waitress

What's your favorite local musician or group? Jeremy Facknitz and Lindsay Weidmann. They have a great sense of rhythm and harmony, they incorporate their lives into their music, and they know how to play to the crowd.

What's your best-ever concert? Pink Floyd in the Georgia Tech stadium in 1994. I was a senior in high school. It was drizzly, but they played four hours. It changed my understanding of what a musical experience could be.

Describe your ideal local concert. I'd really, really, really love to see Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear. They're representative of what music is today — a balance between electronic and acoustic, music that's grounded and has depth.

What would improve the local music scene? People who value the experience of live, original music more. The meat markets on Tejon aren't the only option. We have some great venues.


Benjamin Pratt of Old Colorado City is a musician and sound and light technician

Is there a local music event you've particularly enjoyed? I loved the benefit for the firefighters. Some really neat shows came out of that.

What's the best-ever live show you've attended? Pat Metheny at the Paramount in Denver. His style absolutely blows my mind.

If you were to put on a local show, who'd be in it? All the local groups around town who've worked so hard to create the scene. There's a beautiful music scene here.

How could that scene be even more vitalized? More people realizing how enjoyable it is to experience live music.


Aaron Stunkard of downtown is a college admissions adviser

What would improve the local music scene? More originality. Too many local bands do mostly covers. Also, a downtown venue that's more than a bar with music.

What's the best local venue? Venue 515 in Manitou is a great spot that hasn't had enough publicity. The Triple Nickel in downtown Colorado Springs brings in fun stuff, and Lofty's gets a lot of artists I enjoy.

Do you have a favorite local musician or group? The Ghost of Michael Clark does soulful, fun, upbeat, blues-ish stuff that's a little outside the mainstream. It's all original, too, which I appreciate.

How could the local music scene improve? Book more original, talented, but still-unknown artists — not just lowest-common-denominator stuff.

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