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Annapurna Mead is pure gold deliciousness


  • Matthew Schniper
Locally made Annapurna Mead is phenomenal. The Cherry Bee Dazzled rocks our socks at the Wild Goose ($7.50), slightly tart and deep red from hibiscus and Montmorency cherries, floral in aroma from both the honey and a white wine yeast, crisp and acidic (i.e., food-friendly). It’s elegant, like a kombucha-wine baby (says my girlfriend), or cider-sour offspring (says meadmaker Patrick Dobbins’ wife). He’s a former wine barrel rep; he’s made mead for seven years, reaching the market quietly in late 2016, earnestly this past spring. His custom honey blend hails from Loveland, and he ferments to a lower alcohol level (around 6 percent ABV) than most meads (up to 14 percent), which accounts for the less-sweet finish, because he doesn’t have to balance booziness with extra sugar. We try For the Love of Ginger, made with pineapple juice and lemongrass, at Smørbrød ($7); it’s a touch drier, and smooth. Look for cans of both around late October, and seasonal taps around town.

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