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Angie's Latin Food is happily Honduran


  • Matthew Schniper
The proprietors of Angie’s Latin Food, Wilmer Machado and Olga Canales, hail from Honduras and launched this food truck around six months ago. They’re currently parking at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza, Wednesdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and only accept cash. Machado tells me Honduran food doesn’t tend to be very spicy, though he gives me a ramekin of tri-pepper green chile that smolders plenty for those requesting it.

I start with a single Salvadoran pupusa ($2.50), a thick masa tortilla stuffed with a little chicharrón and cheese, which aren’t prominent flavors once it’s topped with a creamy slaw and pickled onions and dipped in a mild tomato consommé of sorts; still it satisfies. Next comes the pollo con tajadas ($11) a quarter-chicken of meat offered light or dark (which I get), fried nicely crisp over a big bed of more slaw and pickled onions, then a thick layer of fried plantains. A piquant and creamy tomatillo-cilantro sauce in another ramekin tastes fabulous over the chicken, having a cooling, fresh effect like tzatziki in Middle Eastern fare. My only gripe is the plantain chips get mushy and should instead be served on the side.

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