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In 1973, a local committee approved plans for a full cloverleaf interchange at Interstate 25 and Cimarron Street. Four decades later, it's been delayed again.


Bijan Tirnia from the Divide area is a post office employee

How do you feel about driving in Colorado Springs? Traffic lights aren't synchronized. Stop-and-go congestion is getting really bad.

Is roadway civility diminishing? Oh my god, yes — cutting each other off, running red lights, you see it all the time.

Will we see a commuter train between Denver and Colorado Springs in our lifetime? Living in Europe, I saw fantastic public transportation, especially in Germany, but people here aren't public-minded enough to pay for it. They're even going to shut down the FREX [bus service to Denver].


Mary Limardo from near Doherty High School works in education

Relate your feelings about driving in Colorado Springs. Any more, I dread it. It takes forever to get a small distance, especially on the afternoon commute. Flow is terrible.

Are Springs drivers getting less civil? People seem increasingly frustrated and irritable in general. Their driving reflects that.

Which part of the city do you least like driving in? The north part is absolute worst. There's some angry drivers there.

What's the likelihood of a commuter train to Denver in our lifetime? It's badly needed. It's ridiculous that it hasn't been done yet. It needs to extend to Pueblo, in fact.


Mecca Belle of Cheyenne Meadows is a social worker

Describe driving in this town. People here drive so-o-o-o slow. They're overly-cautious.

Is roadway civility diminishing? Where I came from — Detroit — it's everyone for himself. People here tend to be nicer, so they drive nicer.

Is there a part of the city you avoid driving in? Academy and Powers get awful during rush hours.

Will we see a Springs-Denver commuter train in our lifetime? Never. People here like to think they're progressive, but they're just not. They tend not to care about public good unless it directly benefits them.


Josh Haygood of the east side is a bartender

Is there a part of the city you don't like driving in? Downtown Tejon. There's always someone driving 4 miles per hour.

What's the worst city for driving? Any city in Florida. Hell, anywhere on the East Coast. L.A. is god-awful, too.

Will we see a commuter train to Denver in our lifetime? Man, that would be sweet. I keep hearing rumors. Nobody has money, though, the government included.

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