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And now a word from the National Alliance



A few weeks back, we detailed the National Alliance's organized ongoing campaign to distribute anti-black, anti-Latino and anti-Jewish literature throughout Colorado Springs. They deliver it in the middle of the night, throwing their hate-filled literature on the lawns of unsuspecting residents.

The July 10 column [available online at publiceye.html] took city leaders to task for not issuing a vocal and unequivocal denouncement of the group's neo-Nazi beliefs and tactics. In other cities, the Hillsborough, W.Va.-based National Alliance -- considered the most dangerous organized hate group in the country -- has been run out of town on a rail.

After that column appeared, I received numerous letters -- all e-mailed, none with phone numbers and a few with obviously fake names attached. Here's a sampling:

"Latino illegal alien invaders are dirty, noisy, overload hospitals and sponge up welfare whilst their teenage offspring form criminal gangs," wrote Zeke Barlow. "I do not want them here in my America nor do 85 percent of White and Black [sic] Americans when polled by Zogby. What is your agenda; are you a kook or something? Do not attempt to live your Egalatarian Fantasy [sic] on the backs of we long suffering taxpayers. Remember Mike Savage the talk radio host? He said, "Liberalism is a mental disease. "

Paul Hobbs wrote in to say, "As a young White [sic] man, I agree with everything the National Alliance flyers say. I have seen firsthand the damage non-Whites [sic] do to our nation, schools, and culture, and I'm frankly puzzled why any attempt by Whites [sic] to defend themselves from these unwanted invaders is called "hate."

Hobbs went on: "You called them "neo-Nazi thugs." Thugs? Really? You want thugs? Go spend a night in some black or mexican [sic] neighborhood. You'll have an excellent demonstration of thuggery to write about, assuming you even survive your little trip into one of those multicultural paradises."

Hobbs finished off his letter by asking, "What's so great about turning America into a decaying, crime-ridden, third-world cesspool?"

In a message titled "White trash," reader Helen Hall sarcastically suggested, "This freedom of speech thing has got to go!

"Let's enact some new slave laws so only rich Jews can have newspapers. Then we need more jail cells for these white people who want to say what they think -- say it out loud -- to other white people. This is bad!!!"

(Sorry, Helen, but attempts to twist hate into a freedom of speech issue would be laughable if it weren't so shameful.)

Reader J. Morgan claimed that "the beliefs of whites today who are racially conscious are no different from the beliefs of 99.99 percent of whites of the WWII and WWI generation. Were they all "Nazis" too?

(Quite the historian, J. Morgan. Can't tell whether he specializes in revisionism or Nazism, or both.)

Chris Rabensteiner issued a veiled threat:

"Cara, you're a jew [sic] stooge at an "alternative" semitically [sic] correct paper. You and your jew-controlled [sic] handlers can cry and stomp your feet all you want; you can even pass laws in your kangaroo courts. In the end, though, White [sic] men with an unbelievable anger, and love for our people, will crush pieces of shit like you, who failed to be truthful when it counted. Itz coming, sweets [sic]. Better get on the right side before itz too late [sic]. Read your history book and see the future ... "

And some writer, calling himself "Nelson Mandela," claimed that he was more scared of yours truly than the National Alliance -- and that we had somehow "slandered" the group.

"Ms. DeGette, all you need is a Nagant revolver, a red flag, and a black leather coat to complete your ensemble," the man wrote, adding that "your arrogant close-mindedness [sic] is priceless."

This week, the Colorado Springs City Council rejected a resolution condemning racism and discrimination in this city. They did it for all the right reasons. The proposal in front of them was a weak bit of namby-pamby, with all the strength of a newborn kitten.

At their meeting, Councilman Scott Hente spoke right up, urging a more forceful, strongly worded message to, in effect, let the National Alliance know that their brand of hate will not be tolerated here. Vice Mayor Richard Skorman also underscored the need for stronger wording -- preferably with teeth -- to make sure the message is loud and clear.

Council will reconsider the anti-hate message in two weeks. I'm willing to bet that not a one of those above-mentioned hatemongers has the guts to show up at City Hall in opposition.


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