American Furniture Warehouse Best Of

Best Of 2010: National Chain Furniture Store

OK, so American Furniture Warehouse isn't truly a national chain, since all its stores are in Colorado. But its "local delivery" includes western Kansas and Wyoming, and it will deliver virtually anywhere else (provided you buy enough furniture and pay some extra fees). Regardless, Jake Jabs' juggernaut feels more "national" than "local" to us because of its low prices and ridiculous selection. Styles run from classic to contemporary, but actually, store manager Dale Pepper says the "Colorado" style is still widely in demand. It probably needs no explanation, but just in case: It's the lodge look, with bulky, wood-framed chocolate and natural-toned pieces. "You could be moving here from the most contemporary of contemporary" cities, he says, but in Colorado, "you feel the mountains, you look at the architecture of the homes, or even the apartments, and they're not set up to be that contemporary." It's a more "down-to-earth home style. — Bree Abel

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