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Sixty seconds with Adam Krier



Indy: Why is your debut disc for Virgin called We Don't Stand a Chance?

AK: It kind of has several meanings. The way I look at it is, everybody from time to time feels a bit hopeless. And maybe it's nice to know, at least occasionally, that you're not the only one.

Indy: And you guys were all in other Chicago-based bands before, right?

AK: Yeah. Most of us have been on the road with different groups over the years, just doing the music thing for a long time. We were parts of Logan Square, I toured with a group called Deals Gone Bad, and me and Jay [Schultejann, bassist] were in Lucky Boys Confusion.

Indy: So how old are you now?

AK: I'm 25. And I've, uhh, been 25 for a while.

Indy: Your songs are real meat-and-potatoes rock-solid. Did you actually feel like AM Taxi didn't really stand a chance in this contemporary music market?

AK: I haven't necessarily felt that. But I dunno. Our expectations this time around were just to get together and play as much as we can, and to reach out to as many people as possible. So now I'd say that I'm ... cautiously optimistic. Cautiously optimistic about how far a rock band can really go these days.

Indy: And if you don't bark, your lyrics like an emo/thrash pitbull.

AK: No. I don't ever woof my lyrics. I really try to sing. Well, sort of.

At Denver's Bluebird Theater, April 23.

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