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Think how dreary it would be without artists, authors and music groups to infuse some flavor and color into our workaday lives.


Veronica Harvey of Rockrimmon is a middle-school teacher

Who's your favorite artist these days? The musical group, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

What would improve the local arts scene? More downtown festivals.

How do you infuse art into your daily life? I sing to my students, and we sing together. I play the guitar, too.

Name a work of art that holds special meaning for you. Les Miserables. It's a story of redemption.

If you had to choose, which creative figure would you be? I'd be Kristen Wiig, the comedian-actress. She's hilarious.


Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni of the west side is a Buddhist nun

Name your favorite artist. The Buddha. The human heart and mind is the most exquisite art form, and a master of that art form like the Buddha can turn something average or unpleasant into something exquisite and exceptional.

How do you integrate art into daily life? I'm a writer, I teach, and I speak to people, so I try to dial in to where people are at. I'm continually aware of how I craft words to create impressions and how I use metaphor and stories to shape understanding.

Is there a work of art you especially treasure? A sculpture called The Self-Made Man by Colorado artist Bobbie Carlyle. It depicts a man in the act of chiseling himself into being out of a block of stone — something we're all in the act of doing through our actions and choices.


Kern Alexander of the Powers corridor is a federal employee

What's best about the local arts scene? I'm from Brooklyn, where music tends to be loud and noisy. The music scene here is more comfortable and personal. That suits me better.

Is there a piece of art that has special meaning for you? The movie Titanic. It's so musically driven, and they do a fantastic job of mixing older and newer music time frames.

If made to choose, which artist would you be? Jean-Michel Basquiat. The way he portrays the things in his head is amazing. He could put a dot on a blank canvas and charge it with meaning.

What work of art do you wish you'd created? "Café Terrace at Night," Van Gogh's painting of street life. I'd love to see a depiction of New York City street life by him.

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