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AFA Prep School, Manitou marijuana sales, City for Champions, and more



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Depressing stats

Your article concerning the Air Force Academy Preparatory School ("A prep to protect," cover story, Nov. 13) was depressing to say the least. A perfect example of young people not ready for college let alone military service, but even a better example of throwing taxpayer dollars in my view at a failed program. Best yet, senior officers that oversee and then justify this sad taxpayer-funded babysitting practice.

My most recent experience around junior officers was as a contracted employee (I am a retired Air Force senior non-commissioned officer). I repeatedly encountered the same verbal commentary from a vast majority. Everything was a repetition of "like," "awesome" and "basically." I asked many of them face-to-face: Was that all they learned at the Academy?

— Emery Veres


Prep pride

My husband and I are the proud grandparents of a grandson who graduated from the Air Force Academy after attending the Prep School. He declined acceptance at a major university to try and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an Air Force pilot. His year at the Prep School enabled him to do just that, and after graduating from the Academy in 2011 he graduated pilot training in April 2013 and will be going to Afghanistan to fly reconnaissance shortly.

He is a fine officer and a credit to the Air Force, and we couldn't be more proud of his determination to do what it took to make his dream come true.

— Ruth and Jim Archer


The mayor's speech

Regarding Marc Snyder's tirade ... er ... speech ("Manitou Springs to OK marijuana, mayor gives epic speech," IndyBlog, Nov. 14), the lesson learned here is that if you have a concern and you live in Manitou Springs, you better hope and pray that the mayor agrees with you. Otherwise, shut up and get the hell out!

— Kari Kilroy

Manitou Springs

Share your thoughts

Amy Lathen's support of City for Champions (see Noted) is surprising since she's a staunch guardian of public money and opposed to squandering tax dollars on frivolities. And C4C is a frivolity, pursued only because a portion of the money needed is "free" in the form of sales tax rebates receivable over a 30-year period.

One of the four, the UCCS sports medicine center, should be paid 100 percent by the state, and not Colorado Springs taxpayers, since it is a state institution.

COS presently has two major events centers: the World Arena, located 4.5 miles south of downtown, and Stargazers, located two miles east of downtown. Stargazers will host about 36 events over the next three months, and the World Arena will be used about 150 times a year. C4C promoters are telling Denver the new downtown stadium will host 200 events annually, which is unlikely.

COS citizenry has been told that after COS is awarded the sales tax rebate, we will have an opportunity for input. Not true. The "free" money will be awarded for C4C and for no other projects. And after the "free" money is awarded, there will be an intense push by C4C promoters to get the locals to agree to taxing themselves in order to not lose the "free" money.

Promoters of C4C have told the state that COS citizens enthusiastically support this proposal. Voice your opinion to Denver: and and

— J. Lee Tangen

Colorado Springs

Cost of freedom

B.D. Bryan ("Opting out," Letters, Nov. 13), please consider this: Your "freedom," and the "freedom" of others, to not be "forced" to buy health insurance has turned into a huge burden for all of us who do have health insurance.

You see, when you ... and those who are unable to buy health insurance ... get sick or injured and end up either in the hospital or the ER and cannot pay the bill, we are the ones whose insurance rates get jacked up as somebody must pay for your "freedom." I hate to tell you this, but this is not freedom for us!

Nor is it freedom for those who are now bankrupt because of huge medical bills they are unable to pay because they were unable to buy health insurance. Nor is it freedom for those who have chronic illnesses and cannot afford to go to the doctor or to have the required laboratory tests so they can buy their needed medications.

Freedom is not just about you!

— Gayle Abbott

Colorado Springs

No separation

Friday, Nov. 22, is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was a seminal moment in U.S. history. My family were Irish Catholic immigrants, and in our house we had two pictures side-by-side in the place of honor in our living room. One picture was of the Pope, and the other picture was of JFK.

My family was so proud that one of their own had become president. It gave Catholics a place of pride that they had finally arrived in U.S. politics. Yet, JFK in order to win the presidency had to promise he would not involve his faith in making decisions as president.

Fast forward to today, politicians like Vice President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius all claim to be Catholic and promote an agenda that is foreign to their Catholic faith. Why? It is simple; they follow the JFK model and do not allow their faith to influence their politics.

Catholics, according to exit polls, voted for Obama in spite of him being the most pro-abortion president we have ever had. Why? It is simple. They do not let their faith influence their politics, and vote against their values.

We have had 50 years of separating our faith from our politics. We are schizophrenic; we claim one faith on Sunday morning and live another faith in our political lives. It can be traced to Kennedy's dismissal of his faith in order to have a chance at winning the presidency of the United States. What I and many of my generation wish is that JFK stated that he was Catholic and was going to govern as a Catholic. It most likely would have denied him the presidency. But our church and our country would have been in a much better place.

— Fr. Bill Carmody

Colorado Springs


"A prep to protect" (cover story, Nov. 13) erroneously stated that Air Force Academy cadets graduate as first lieutenants. They graduate as second lieutenants. We regret the error.

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