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AC/DC relaxes you without the paranoia


  • Baynard Woods

Back in the days of alcohol prohibition, pharmacies sometimes still sold booze as medicine. And sometimes alcohol is medicine. And sometimes it’s therapy. And sometimes it’s fun. Same with weed — there’s no reason to try to limit it to either medicinal or recreational. But here’s a cool trick. When you’re drinking and it’s getting late and all, especially if you’re hanging with people you haven’t smoked with often, break out a high-CBD strain first, even a high-CBD and almost THC-free strain. It’s a great social move — you still get the CBD body chill, anti-anxiety and relaxing effect, as well as the communal activity — but you limit the risk of tipping someone over the top, either in terms of wooziness or paranoia. Then, if you have a second bowl of a higher-THC strain, you’re already going with the CBD in a prophylactic fashion.

I’ve been thinking about this because of seeing too many occasional smokers knocked over by the high-THC monster strains common these days, previously lively friends turned to drooling, green paranoiacs. But there is something social about weed, even after it has moved out of the clandestine realm.
Lately, I’ve been a big fan of AC/DC, a descendant of Cannatonic, for this purpose. It’s a great high-CBD, low-THC strain to show skeptics the power of CBD. A nice few puffs will give you that same airing out, head-clearing relief as the first hit of some high-THC shit. It gives you that freshness, a full-being bidet that smoking a bowl can be. Unless someone is really looking to get baked, even an experienced head will be happy for a puff or two of this calming strain at a party.
It’s a tasty Sativa-y bud with a piercing high note of lemon thyme undergirded by something a little darker, like basil. The flower isn’t bad looking either, all dark and muted rather than the almost neon tone of some of the fancier strains: dark green, red hairs verging on a fecund brown.

Of course, with CBD available in so many forms, you may want to save your lungs for something stronger — outside of social situations, I fairly rarely combust a CBD strain and am combusting less in general, saving it for special strains. (If Willie Nelson had to quit burning because of his lungs, I know I need to be careful.)

And you know, with fears of pandemics sweeping across the world, maybe passing around that slobbery spliff isn’t the best idea. I remember reading how Patti Smith had separate bowls for everyone, which she called “Moroccan style.” It probably won’t really help with coronavirus, but it will help people who get super high from getting paranoid about coronavirus.

Strength: 2
Nose: Lemon thyme and basil
Euphoria: 4
Existential dread: 0
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 0
Drink pairing: Lawnmower beer
Music pairing: “Back in Black” by AC/DC
Rating: 7

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