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A realistic remedy, committing to solar, a Dem's plea, and more



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A more realistic remedy

One of the letters you published on Jan. 13 insisted that the "remedy for rampages" is effective action, and then suggests that this action "quadruple the number of times we pray for an instant cure for all mental illness. Then triple the number of candles we light in remembrance. Then double the number of flowers we leave at the scenes of these mass murders."

Is this what we call "effective action"? We need to stop hoping that some miracle from the sky is going to help us and put our noses to the grindstone to make the changes that need to be made. Like passing gun control legislation, closing gun show loopholes, passing comprehensive background checks and making sure that, just like people who want to own and operate cars, those who want to own and operate guns have to take a class, a written and practical test, and have insurance that covers both them and anyone they might shoot. Then if they can't get insurance, they can't own a gun. Prayers, candles and flowers are not going to do the trick.

— Judie C. McMath

Colorado Springs

Commit to solar

Fort Carson plans to invest in solar energy — enough to power "615 homes and comprise one of many such projects in the works at military bases across the country," ("Seeing the light," news, Jan. 13). The investment will bring the base closer to its bold goal of reaching 25 percent energy from renewables by 2025, following a standard being set by military bases across the country. The U.S. Army's net zero initiative is clearly not reasoned on altruism — it makes good sense, it's strategic. For one thing, increasing the diversity of our energy use decreases the risks associated with price fluctuations in oil and gas. For another, renewable energy sources like solar are ultimately more reliable than their non-renewable fossil fuel resource counterparts, because, well, they're renewable. Solar power also holds a level of independence that fossil fuels never could. Countries don't have ownership over the sun — access to the source is completely independent. The extension of federal tax credits to wind and solar power comes just in time for the project, making it even more economical.

The question is, will our cities like Colorado Springs adopt the military model of committing to bold renewable energy goals? For the reliability, the jobs, the independence, the long-term safeguarding of our environment and public health, I urge the Colorado Springs city council to make a commitment to solar power.

— Katie Otterbeck


A plea to the DNC

Dearest DNC: Apparently, the best possible thing I can do for your ranks is to get rational people involved, to explain why we must flood the caucuses and primaries to save the party from its most untrustworthy candidate, and why we must do it now.

The Dem image is significantly damaged — it will likely be irreparable if something big doesn't change ... fast.

Please clarify which type of citizens you really want to represent, before you lose all relevance and dignity ... just like the GOP.

Bernie is your only hope — yet you should be proud that he chose you. You know his reputation, and unlike a year ago, it can no longer be said by any rational person that he can't win, isn't qualified, or is anything less than "honest as Abe" regarding his agenda ... which hasn't changed significantly in half a century. Where it has, it didn't chime in harmony with a campaign or a donor's call.

I'm convinced that the post-win forensic analysis of Bernie's grassroots campaign will eventually show this as the turning point, where the revolution attained critical mass, hailing the fall of an empire, along with it's chancellor.

If the DNC continues to rig the game against the most supported presidential candidate then it may as well join the GOP orchestra in playing "Taps" for the aged, ailing and terminally cancerous warbird that we all know affectionately as party-line establishment politics.

— Kevin Brewton

Colorado Springs

Show some gratitude

How many times have you thanked a vet for their service? How many times have you thanked a disabled vet for their service? Probably never. What are you going to do about it? Probably nothing.

— Glenn Perry

Colorado Springs

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