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A mail-dominated election

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This year's municipal election is unique. We'll elect our first strong mayor, and in a mail-ballot election, meaning no polling stations. Also, unless you've "reactivated" yourself, you won't be mailed a ballot if you didn't vote in November.


Mike Christensen from northeast Colorado Springs is president of an online ad agency

Are you happy with how politics have gone since the 2010 midterms? On a national level, despite what our government is attempting to do, it puts us further into a deficit and that's always going to be a problem.

Did you vote in November's election? No.

Did you know you wouldn't be able to vote this spring unless you reactivate? Yes, I did know. I plan on doing the necessary steps to reactivate.

Are you excited about April's municipal election? There doesn't seem to be any candidates I'm excited for, so, no.

How do feel about a strong mayor? It makes more sense to have a mayor that actually does true work rather than just being a face for our local government.


Kenton Lloyd from the Garden of the Gods area is an urban farmer

How do you feel politics have gone since the midterms? I'm disappointed with the Republicans that they're so swayed by the fringe elements of the Tea Party, because I believe that the core elements of the Tea Party are truly conservative. Unfortunately, it's got this huge fringe of racists — these birthers.

Do you have a preference between mail-in ballots or booths? People that are motivated to go and register are motivated to vote, and they will go either way — they'll either do the mail-in or they'll show up at the polling places.

What do you fear may result from the April elections? Whatever mayor gets the post, the Douglas Bruce Five will block it. It'll be the worst stalemate ever.


Christy Cech from the Highland Park area is a medical representative

What do you think of the current political climate? I work in the medical industry, and so many things are changing and so many people are scared and uninformed, and it's really difficult to be informed. Doctors are very stressed out. They're cutting back on Medicare and that scares a lot of people.

Do you mind having to vote by mail? It's really nice for people like me that are really busy, and can't always take four hours to sit at a voting booth. I can also give my husband advice as he's going through his because I knew more about it than he did.

Is there a local issue you hope the election changes? I've seen cutbacks in education recently. It'd be nice to see some people who put the money where it's important. As a new mother with a child who's 21/2 and another who's turning 1 this week, education is important.

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