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A look at voter turnout across the region


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Just how lazy are our voters?

By Nov. 7, 152,502 of El Paso County's 450,844 registered voters had cast a mail ballot in the 2017 Coordinated Election, or 33.8 percent. (Election numbers given here aren't the final official tally.) The county was quick to point out that the number of returned ballots was higher than its vote totals in the two past coordinated elections. But that's not surprising, given that the number of registered voters has increased: By percentage (a more accurate measure of participation), 41.7 percent of all registered voters cast a ballot in 2015.

So, just how lazy were voters this year? And were voters in certain areas more motivated than those in others? We compiled some numbers for a quick look at the percentage of voters who bothered to cast a ballot in races they could have weighed in on. Quick synopsis: There were a lot of couch potatoes this year.

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