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As most readers know, the Independent's Best Of Colorado Springs readers poll is nothing if not a lovefest for the place we call home. And after 12 months in which fire, flood and nasty politics have reigned, we'd say the results are here just in time.

Because as it happens, there's actually a lot to recognize and celebrate from this past year, even just in the realms of food, drink and nightlife — the topics of this week's issue. (Next week brings all sorts of others.) Please indulge us, and accept the mildest of spoiler alerts, as we mention just a few in an effort to lure you toward our coverage here and beyond.

• Inspired by an outpouring of community support, the venerable Adam's Mountain Café resurfaces after a near-washout to serve as a community hub again, and to be loved by Best Of voters.

• Downtown cornerstone Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. reinvents itself with a huge expansion, and gets rewarded with a tie for most total gold awards in 2013.

• The Ivywild School opens in June, and by August's voting is synonymous with local nightlife.

• An admirably risqué Meetup group becomes popular enough not to just crack the top three in our Place to Meet Women category, but to win it.

• And, in a development whose significance is impossible to overstate, someone displaces Red Lobster from first place in Best Seafood.

For a week, anyway, can we all agree to call this big news?

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