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A guide to identifying the people at political rallies 

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Whether you're a timid first-timer or a seasoned activist, everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings. And that's gotten increasingly complicated in recent months as more groups come on the scene, gain prominence or splinter off. At this point, going to a protest can feel like stepping into a live-action role-playing game, where an everyday person becomes the civic hero of whatever value set, ideology or fantasy happens to motivate them. Here's a guide to the various costumes — or, um, visual signifiers — that tell you who is representing which group. [content-1]
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Redneck Revolt: Wears a red bandanna around neck, holds big gun. Looks right but is left.
Antifa: Wears all black and a mask, holds flags denoting anarchist (black or black and red), communist (red, maybe with hammer and sickle) or anti-fascist (three downward-facing arrows or an image of a black and red flag). Left.
Democratic Socialists of America (DSA): May chat with Antifa, but wears no mask and willing to engage with electoral politics. Flags and leaflets feature multicolored hands shaking or fists raised in front of red rose. Left.
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ): Likely a woman, wearing a fluorescent vest or armband. There to shepherd protesters along march path, stop traffic if needed and de-escalate confrontations. Left.
Proud Boys: Wears black polo with yellow stripes, preferably Fred Perry brand. Maybe a MAGA hat and/or red-white-and-blue garb. Right.
Three Percenters: Wears tactical gear, sometimes with flags or gear that read "don't tread on me" or a signature flag with "III" in place of stars on American flag. Large guns. Right.
White supremacist: May display literal Nazi symbols like swastikas, eagle, SS bolts, iron cross, and sunwheel or their more contemporary variants, like the four-pronged pitchfork inside a cog wheel, black X over a white flag, or upside-down teal triangle. Maybe Pepe the Frog and the Kek flag fit somewhere here too? Right.
Normie: Wears whatever they put on that morning. Could include shirt, pants or skirt, maybe a dress or jacket. May carry sign with message relevant to the particular protest. Likely to say "hi" to friends and neighbors. Undetermined.
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Redneck Revolt: Wears a red bandanna around neck, holds big gun. Looks right but is left.

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