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Football is back, as are Oktoberfests and harvest festivals, and ski season is coming up. Even in a presidential election year, can political news compete?


Craig Farrell of Old Colorado City is a volunteer

Are you happy to see the end of summer? I usually love summer, but the heat this past year was extensive and overbearing. Now it's nice; the leaves are falling and showing their colors.

What's most on your mind right now: football, ski season or the elections? Right now it's the election. Politics and sports are a lot alike, anyway. There's too much politics in sports, and there's too much sports in politics. But I'm hopeful for the future — I believe in all possibilities.

Are you feeling an ending of summer or a beginning of fall? We need both endings and beginnings to keep people from becoming bored. Creativity is continuous, and spontaneity would lose its purpose if we didn't have changes.


Marlee Henderson of the northeast side is a speech therapist

Are you glad the hot summer is over? I moved here from Texas and it's really hot there, so I didn't think this past summer was too bad. But I love the cooler nights now, and the crisp, cool mornings.

Are you more into football, looking forward to ski season, or thinking about the election? The presidential election is most important right now. I'm just starting my career, so health care, employment and women's rights are a big concern. And I'm glad to be in a state where my vote will really count. Texas always went Republican no matter what.

What's the best fall flavor you can think of? Pumpkin. I've had pumpkin beer, and it's really good.


Brent Weisbrod of the west side is an industrial hygienist

How do you feel about the changing season? We moved here from California in mid-July, and I'm not sorry to see the summer go. It was too hot; we had the air conditioner going all the time.

How do you like fall here so far? It's great. You can be outside all day and it's good sleeping weather, too. The colors are changing in the leaves, the kids are back in school, and there are less tourists, so the town is settling down.

What's most important to you: football, getting ready for ski season, or the election coming up? A couple years ago, I would have said football. And now that we're in Colorado, I'll probably try skiing. But the election this year is the most important. We're in a very fragile transition right now; there's been a lot of turnover in the past few years.

Do you have a favorite fall moment? Driving out toward Buena Vista yesterday. The colors were beautiful.

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