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Riding a bike through the mountains sounds like fun ... if you had all summer. To ride almost 700 miles in seven days at altitude sounds nearly impossible, but not for cyclists coming to Colorado next week for the USA Pro Challenge.


Kalyn Zupan from Manitou Springs is a sign waver

Would you rather drive a car or ride a bike? I'd rather drive if I have to get to work, but any other time I love to ride my bike. But not in the snow.

Where's the best place to ride a bike locally? I like the bike path that goes along Fountain Creek, then into Manitou. Or the Garden of the Gods loop.

Some pro cyclists eat about 6,000 calories a day when they're racing. If you could indulge like that, what would you eat? That makes me want to be a pro cyclist! I'd eat Meadow Muffins pizza and chocolate cake.

Lots of pro cyclists shave their legs, and other body parts. Would you be willing to do that? Sure. In fact, at my university we had a big scavenger hunt, and I had to shave one eyebrow. But we won, so it was worth it.


Bobby Berry from Fountain is a granite cutter

Are you interested in cycling as a sport? No, not so far. I'm a football fan. The guys I work with are really into it, though.

Would you rather ride a bike or drive a car? Drive a car, but I understand the fun of two wheels. I like motorcycles, but not the pedaling part of riding a bike. You could say I'm more of a fisherman than a hiker.

The USA Pro Challenge will come through our city on Aug. 24. Would you go out to watch? Sure, if I was in the area and I had the day off.

Some pro cyclists shave their legs. Have you ever been that into a sport? I guess a lot of athletes do that, but no, not me, I've never had the need.


Laura Murphy from Kansas is an insurance adjuster

Do you consider yourself to be a cycling enthusiast? I used to ride my bike everywhere, but when I turned 15 it wasn't cool. So I started walking, and when I turned 16, I started driving. I'd still rather drive than ride a bike.

Are there any bike trails where you live? Yes. I live in the suburbs and we have some really nice trails. Lots of people use them, but I just like to watch. I like the people watching.

Have you ever watched any cycling competitions? I've watched some on TV, like the Tour de France.

Do you think you might start riding again in the future? Yes, I really want to try tandem biking. I think that would be fun.

Pro cyclists sometimes consume 6,000 calories a day. If you could do that, what would you splurge on? Candy and casseroles. Sweet, hearty and delicious.

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