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719 Gastropub should bank on its beers


  • Griffin Swartzell
It’s been a tumultuous year for this Northgate craft beer taproom. After opening in May as Growler USA, part of a national chain, the owners parted ways with their corporate partners and changed the name to 719 Gastropub. So we find ourselves back, ready for a brew from one of 103 taps and a bite to go with.

Our bourbon chicken sandwich ($12) bears a fruity bourbon-apple aioli that plays nicely with two pieces of moist, pounded-flat chicken on a brioche bun that’s oddly missing a few patches of crust. Fries, fast-food shoestrings, underwhelm. The brisket sandwich ($13) isn’t bad either, though the hickory-smoked pulled beef isn’t terribly smoky under barbecue sauce that ostensibly has cherry in it. The slaw atop adds some creamy crunch, too. But for over 10 bucks, the value doesn’t feel like it’s there. If we’re going back to 719 Gastropub, it’s for a smattering of small-pour beers, sans dinner.
Location Details 719 Gastropub
162 Tracker Drive
Colorado Springs, CO

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