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with ... Ryan Miller, singer/guitarist for Guster


Indy: Congrats on the great new album, Ganging Up on the Sun, but first thing's first: What's up with the beards?

RM: We're going through our Beatles beard phase or something. Yeah, I don't know. The beard thing was more just because I can't believe I can actually do it. This is, like, some serious pubescent testosterone coming out. I'm just really proud that I can grow a beard more than anything. I don't even think it looks good.

Indy: You're right about that, but no worries. As for your latest effort, is it safe to say Guster in 2006 is less quirky than, say, Guster in 1996?

RM: Quirky works in the Barenaked Ladies, quirky works in They Might be Giants, and quirky might even work for Ween, but I think we're sort of less quirky now. And it's not like we're trying to be taken more seriously or anything; I think it's just where our songwriting is going. We really are ambitious to make a great pop record.

Indy: Considering we were more Anthony Michael Hall than Emilio Estevez while in high school, we're digging the revenge angle of lead single "One Man Wrecking Machine."

RM: I think it's kind of universal, because high school is weird for everybody. No one is confident and the only people who are really confident and have an ego end up being stunted and staying in this, like, quarterback-homecoming-queen mode for the rest of their lives. It's always the nerds and the weirdos that end up ruling the world, eventually.

Indy: Beards aside, how's celebrity life working out for you?

RM: As far as prices of fame, in this band, it's so minimal it's ridiculous. I hardly ever feel famous. That's probably true and indicative of the fact I'm not.

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