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2014: The year in pictures



In some ways, the following compendium of photographs from the year 2014 is most notable for what it doesn't include. The most enduring images of 2012, after all, are those of the Waldo Canyon Fire, while in 2013 the Black Forest Fire was followed by debilitating regional flooding. This year, barring some kind of freak blizzard on Dec. 31, we can say that natural disasters basically passed us by.

So what has surged into the news void? Well, we've had a touch of scandal and plenty of politics and even a dangerous fire at our downtown power plant. But in putting this collection of images together, we were struck by how many featured events attracted a crowd — not even counting the line outside Maggie's Farm on Day 1 of recreational pot sales. From the first-ever Colorado Springs Craft Week to the Brilliant event at the Galleries of Contemporary Art to the USA Pro Challenge, locals have turned out and shown up in 2014.

A new year stretches out ahead, and we can see some of what's on the horizon: a Broncos playoff run, a city election, maybe even groundbreaking on an Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame. But here's hoping that what carries us from one "big story" to the next in 2015 is again plenty of community — the kind that emerges even when there's no crisis for us to tackle together.

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