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2012 The year in pictures


Welcome to a look back at 2012 through the lenses of local photographers — both Indy staffers and community contributors.

Where words sometimes fail us, be it in describing beauty, elation, sadness or devastation, images sometimes convey all that really needs to be, or can be said.

It's no surprise to any of us that scenes from the Waldo Canyon Fire are the first to be conjured in our memories from this past year and also comprised the largest thematic batch of submissions we received from readers. But thankfully, 2012 wasn't all marred by despondency: Joyful moments were found across the arts scene, sports world and in community service. And other happenings of civic note displayed the passion and commitment of citizens to a variety of worthy causes.

Here's looking toward 2013 and whatever it holds, which will undoubtedly capture our viewfinders' attention.

— The Indy staff

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