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13 Trees Coffee Company really butters their beans


  • Courtesy 13 Trees Coffee Company
William Brewer’s new coffee shop and roastery, 13 Trees Coffee Company (306 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs), promises a new kind of coffee: butter-infused beans. That’s not bulletproof coffee — that is, coffee with butter and oil — but coffee beans with butter infused into them during the roasting process.

“It’s unheard of, and we’re doing it at the bean level,” says Brewer, who won’t discuss his method. He says the resultant brew has body to spare, making other coffee feel thin.

Brewer works in construction and industrial supply, and though he’s never been in the coffee business before, he says he’s been drinking the stuff since he was a kid. He came up with the butter-infused beans while looking for ways to infuse CBD into coffee beans. And while the coffee he’s selling at this time is unmedicated, he says friends and family went gaga over its flavor.
Location Details 13 Trees Coffee Company
306 Manitou Ave.
Manitou Springs/Ute Pass
Manitou Springs, CO
“[It makes the] best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, especially in the siphon-brewed coffee makers we have,” Brewer says. He’s sourcing beans from a few importers for now and is currently favoring a blend of Colombian supremo and Kona beans, he says. When the spot opens — he’s planning for Sept. 1 — he’ll be selling beans and siphon-brewed coffee, offering organic house-flavored creamers and sugars.

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