10 tips for better Best Of voting 

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We're just about halfway through the 25th annual Best Of Colorado Springs voting and even though we adopted a new voting system this year, we're happy to report things are going about as well as we expected.

Each year we pour through thousands of write-in votes from readers across the Pikes Peak Region, and each year they leave us scratching our heads. Whether it's not knowing how to spell Broadmoor (it's not Broodmore), or voting a restaurant with only one location in every neighborhood category, the vote is never really clear-cut.

This year is no exception and with a few days left in our nomination voting round, it has produced some memorable highlights so far. So, for the last few days of the nominating round, consider the following tips avoid future mishaps.
OF 10
Make sure you're voting for a real place BEFORE you hit the bong.
Make sure names are spelled correctly (Sorry, Hector).
Autofill features are hard (apparently) so double check your votes.
Remember that Mom jokes do, in fact, get old.
The Best Chef category is reserved for actual chefs (plus my Mom is better than yours anyways).
If this is your vote for Best Of anything, please read our paper more often.
See previous caption.
You do not have to explain the meaning "Best Overall Restaurant," or any other category to us.
Tupos happen. Read carefully.
Be specific! Our definition of sketchy varies widely.
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Make sure you're voting for a real place BEFORE you hit the bong.

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