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10 Minutes of Fame

MAT brings vaudeville to Manitou



It figures that in a time of ballooning deficits, gutted budgets and a war bill even Arthur Anderson couldn't hide, Warhol's trumpeted 15 minutes of fame would be slashed to 10. But money is not the reason Jim Jackson and the Manitou Art Theater decided to dole out 600 seconds to various local talents. Rather, it's Jackson's penchant for vaudeville-style variety shows and the framework they provide for offering a smattering of local talent and/or wanton exhibitionism.

Jackson's audition notice originally called for singers, dancers, musicians and odd tricks. The closest they got to the latter is the act Jackson described as his favorite: Retired Air Force officer Bill Branford, 84, will impersonate everyone's favorite rock-em sock-em English-language moiderer, Jimmy Durante.

Lining up the bill is Madelyn Camera, a modern dancer from Seattle who will perform two pieces of her own creation. In the music department, local folkie Nile Johnson will lend a song, as will electric jazz guitarist Benjamin Pratt -- though his ax will likely do most of the howling.

For draaamah, Mark and Lauren Arnest present Failing Consumption, their Eve Tilleydirected play wherein a rebellious teen (what other kind is there?) refuses to purchase a sufficient number of commodities society deems necessary.

There's no gong or remote control, but if an act doesn't catch your fancy, it'll be over before you can figure out how to pronounce Lionel Rivera's name backward (Arevir Lenoil). And if you have yourself some fun, it's a show Jackson plans to bring back to MAT -- but with different odd tricks, of course. Perhaps even yours ...

-- John Dicker

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