U.S Supreme Court rules against “faithless electors”


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The U.S. Supreme Court on July 6 ruled that states could remove “faithless electors” who choose to cast a vote for a presidential candidate other than the one chosen via their state’s popular vote.

In 2016, three members of the Electoral College from Colorado planned to vote for Republican John Kasich, rather than Hillary Clinton who won in Colorado, in a failed attempt to deny Donald Trump the electoral votes he needed to win. Only one of those electors cast his vote for Kasich, and he was replaced. The Supreme Court decision reversed an August 2019 appeals court decision that sided with Colorado’s faithless elector. 

In a July 6 news release, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said of the decision: “The Court’s historic opinion ensures that presidential electors will follow State law when they cast their Electoral College ballots in presidential elections and not act as free agents. With this issue decided before the 2020 election, we can avoid uncertainty, chaos, and confusion in the Electoral College, and protect our nation’s democratic principles and system of stable governance.”

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