Unidentified drones puzzle authorities


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Mysterious drones flying over parts of Colorado and Nebraska have befuddled authorities. 

The drones — sometimes in groups as large as 30, according to NBC News — have been spotted in Lincoln, Washington, Sedgwick, Phillips and Yuma counties, and authorities — including the Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating — have yet to provide an explanation.

The drones have mostly been spotted at nighttime and by some accounts, have wingspans of 6 feet or more. No private or government agency has yet claimed responsibility for or knowledge of the drones.

In a Dec. 31 Facebook post on the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office’s official page, Sheriff Todd Combs said it appears the drones have been flying in federal government airspace and have been complying with federal drone guidelines.

Officials had a closed-door meeting Jan. 6, after which the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office announced on Facebook none of the agencies involved in the meeting could confirm the drones’ intent. The post states authorities are searching for “a closed box trailer with antennas or a large van that does not belong in the area.” 

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