UCHealth shares revenue with city


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For the fifth straight year, UCHealth has made a revenue-sharing payment to the city via the Colorado Springs Health Foundation. This year's payment is $1.38 million, the largest such contribution so far.

Revenue-sharing results when earnings exceed a baseline percentage, as outlined in the 40-year lease. So far, UCHealth has made revenue-sharing payments  totaling $5.83 million.

The money is passed on to the foundation, which is charged with funding the community’s pressing health needs and encouraging healthy living.

UCHealth reports a 24 percent increase in outpatient visits in Colorado Springs and an 8 percent surge in urgent care visits compared to the prior year. UCHealth Medical Group also has added 44 physicians.

“We are working to create more outpatient locations and implementing virtual health and other innovative care delivery models to make health care more affordable as well,” president and CEO of UCHealth Memorial Joel Yuhas said in a release.

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