Malkin thumped from conservative speakers list


Michelle Malkin: fired by conservative group. - CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN REPUBLICAN FORUM AD IN 2012
  • Cheyenne Mountain Republican Forum ad in 2012
  • Michelle Malkin: fired by conservative group.
Michelle Malkin, an ultra conservative columnist who lives in Colorado Springs, has been bounced from Young America's Foundation, a nonprofit that booked Malkin for speeches across the country for nearly two decades, the Daily Beast reports.

YAF fired Malkin due to her "hobnobbing" with Holocaust denier and alt-right white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, as reported by the Washington Examiner, itself a conservative newspaper.

From the Dailey Beast:

Among other things, Fuentes marched in the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, and praised what he called a “tidal wave of white identity” after the rally. Fuentes has also used his internet video show, America First, to deny the Holocaust, and claimed that segregation was “better.”

Malkin has praised Fuentes and his fans, calling on establishment conservatives to engage with them. In a speech last week, Malkin called Fuentes “one of the New Right leaders.” ... She has also frequently echoed their talking points calling for further restricting legal immigration, claiming that continued immigration will doom the Republican Party.
The Examiner took aim at Malkin in its editorial, going so far as to say Malkin is "unworthy of America":

It would be easy to mistake Malkin's pivot for a meltdown. After all, she has peddled the lethal pseudoscience of anti-vaxxing amid a global health crisis spurred by that very movement. But Malkin knows exactly what she's doing. She's a single-issue pundit, willing to get in the mud with "race-realists," even if they deny the Holocaust and support segregation because she sees them as the most potent allies available to back a militantly xenophobic agenda.

It's not racist or anti-American to question our ability to assimilate legal immigrants at their current rate of influx. Nor is it racist to admit that immigration, legal and illegal, strains our welfare system and ability to artificially maintain wages for people already here. These are policy questions that we can debate without mentioning for one moment the race of the people involved. But getting in bed with folks such as Faith Goldy, the anti-Semite caught smirking in Charlottesville a second before one of her basement-dwelling buddies murdered a peaceful protester, Fuentes isn't putting America First. It's throwing every principle of liberty and equality that made this nation great in the first place in the trash to advance white nationalism.
Given that Malkin's columns have been a mainstay on the Colorado Springs Gazette's editorial pages, we asked what, if any, action the daily would take in response to these revelations about Malkin.


If we hear something, we'll circle back with an update.

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