Letters to King Soopers’ parent company in support of free local news


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Here are letters in support of keeping the Indy in King Soopers:

I am so sad to hear about the decision made by Kroger/King Soopers to remove the Independent newsweekly from your Colorado Springs stores.  

As the founder of one of the Indy’s weekly columns, “In Good Faith,” I know that King Soopers is a primary pickup location for our readers. In Good Faith is the rare column that appeals to both conservatives and liberals alike because its purpose is to feature the voices of dozens of religious leaders from many different traditions existing in our area. 

Most of the clergy who participate in the column serve congregations the size of mine, with between 300 and 2,000 members. And of course, participating column writers like the president of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, serve tens of thousands locally and millions more across the U.S. Together, we represent a large and significant group of people in Colorado Springs — people of all ages, lifestyles and economic backgrounds — who pick up the Independent in order to read “In Good Faith.”  We love that they can pick up the paper, for free, at King Soopers. 

Please reconsider this decision. How can we best show King Soopers how much it means to us to be able to pick up our local paper while shopping in your stores? 

— Rev. Ahriana Platten, Senior Minister
Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies
Executive Director “In Good Faith”

As a former candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Colorado, it has been a common experience to pick up the Indy every week in King Soopers and read about my many shortcomings, some real and some imagined. Despite periodically disagreeing with the Indy’s positions, it is important to our community to have a second voice, and my request is that you continue to make it available to many of us who like what we buy from King Soopers more than much of what we read in the Indy, but still want to be able to count on finding it in your stores.

— Steve Schuck
Former Republican Candidate for Governor

It is my understanding that you won’t be carrying the
Colorado Springs Independent at any of your markets in Colorado Springs. I wanted to express my disappointment. First, know that I very much appreciate King Soopers as a business, particularly the selection of fish and organic produce and for the great customer service your employees provide.

In fact, I have been a regular customer for nearly 50 years. Many weeks, I visit King Soopers three or four times. I also own a restaurant where we regularly buy from King Soopers specialty items that we can’t get from our food distributors. You are also where I get my prescriptions. 

Yes, I am disappointed that I will no longer be able to pick up the Independent at King Soopers for my convenience. But my bigger disappointment comes from the other hat I wear, as the president of the Colorado Springs City Council.

The Independent’s name conveys its purpose well. As a local elected official (now going into my 11th year on City Council) and as a former U.S. Senate employee for two years, I have depended on the Independent’s high standard of “independent” journalism and in-depth reporting to help inform and shape public opinion in Colorado Springs. They have outstanding reporters and more guest editorial offerings than any newspaper I know. In fact, I have been invited to write guest editorials for them on numerous occasions. At City Hall, there isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t receive numerous local stories from the Independent that our Public Information staff regularly sends to all Council members and the mayor. The Independent, most importantly, provides a forum for all sides to express opinions on complicated local issues.

With so many readers getting their news from the internet and social media, the newspaper industry is fragile these days. So, I also worry that if the Independent loses such a large distribution outlet, it will disappear as so many other dailies and weeklies have across the country. The Pikes Peak region can’t afford to lose the Independent.

Please reconsider your decision and continue to allow the Independent to be distributed at my favorite supermarket and drug store for my convenience, but more importantly for the good of our region.

— Richard Skorman
President of City Counci


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