UPDATE: Falck Ambulance, the city's choice for a 5-year contract, accused of lying in a proposal in Califorina


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David Patterson, CEO for Falck Rocky Mountain, sends us this response:
Care Ambulance Service, Inc. a subsidiary of Falck USA, Inc. (“Falck”) and respondent to the Alameda County 911 RFP, has a valid contract with SG Collaborative Solutions, LLC (“SG Collaborative”) specifically to use copyrighted material and intellectual property of SG Collaborative in 911 bids. We also have e-mail communications with SG Collaborative in which they show interest in us sharing their strategies in our 911 bids.

Falck has requested that SG Collaborative retract their cease and desist letter and affirm Falck’s proper and legal right to use the materials in 911 bids. We have also made it clear that Falck is prepared to pursue further legal action to remedy the situation.

Additionally, Falck’s proposal in Colorado Springs did not contain any SG Collaborative material or reference any SG Collaborative material.

At this point, Falck is unsure how SG Collaborative’s letter came into AMR’s possession, or what role AMR has played, if any, in disseminating these false accusations.
We will update again if we hear back from SG Collaborative.
This just in from Michael Coffin with SG Collaborative:
SG Collaborative has no contract with Care Ambulance that allows Care Ambulance or any related entity to use copyrighted material and intellectual property of SG Collaborative in 911 or any other bids.

A retraction demand has been made by Falck, but we are unaware of any basis for it. Our Notice of Cease and Desist stands as written. Falck does not have a legal right to use SG Collaborative materials for any purpose, nor to represent that they created them.

SG Collaborative has not reviewed the Colorado Springs proposal and therefore cannot comment on whether it incorporates any SG Collaborative materials.

This is a matter between SG Collaborative and Falck and will be handled accordingly.
As also received this comment from an AMR spokesperson:
This issue is between Falck and SG Collaborative. However, if the allegations about Falck are true, it would be concerning. There is a need for transparency in the RFP process in Colorado Springs and RFP processes elsewhere. We direct you to Falck and SG Collaborative for further comments.

—————————ORIGINAL POST 2:40 P.M., TUESDAY, SEPT. 20, 2019———————

The city of Colorado Springs' choice for a five-year emergency ambulance contract, Falck Ambulance, has been accused of lying in its response to a Request for Proposals for a contract with Alameda County, California. Falck took over the ambulance contract there July 1, replacing Paramedics Plus.

The letter making the claims, first reported by KRDO, was sent on Sept. 10 by Michael Coffin, the chief operating officer of SG Collaborative Solutions LLC of Westland, Texas.

The letter was provided to the Independent by American Medical Response (AMR), which was sent a copy of the letter by SGC. AMR, which has provided emergency ambulance service here for decades, has protest the city's decision to award the local contract to Falck.

Coffin's letter alleges Falck made several claims in its RFP to Alameda County that are false. For example, in Falck's RFP, it wrote that he consulted "nationally recognized SG Collaborative Solutions in 2015 to help establish a reliable framework for 'Collaborative Just Culture.'"

"This is not true," Coffin wrote. "Falck has not consulted with SG Collaborative Solutions ("SGC") at any time in the past, and is not, nor ever has been, licensed to use any of SGC's proprietary intellectual property, methods or tools.

Coffin spells out other claims Falck allegedly made that he said are "not true." Nor is Falch authorized to use SGC's images or logo.

"We were shocked to discover this, and wonder if this is an isolated instance of infringement, or if similar false claims are being made in other Falck proposals," Coffin wrote, adding that SGC will see "all legal remedies" if Falck doesn't "cease and desist the unauthorized use" of SGC materials, trademarked tools and the like.

We've asked for a comment on the letter from Alameda County Emergency Medical Services, AMR, Falck in California and in Colorado, and the city.

We'll update when we year back.

Here's the SGC letter:

See related PDF Letter_from_SGC_to_Falck_09-10-19.pdf

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