State forgot to check email for abuse reports


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The Colorado Department of Human Services discovered in May an email account created to report suspected child abuse and neglect went untended for four years, KCNC-TV reported.

A telephone hotline was set up in 2015, along with an email account to support it, but the state later created a new email account with a different address. The original email wasn’t deactivated.

Officials found 321 emails in the inbox; of those, 104 “expressed concerns of child abuse or neglect,” said Minna Castillo-Cohen, director of the DHS Office of Children and Families.

Five cases dealing with potential neglect, not abuse, required immediate attention and are now being addressed, Castillo-Cohen said.

“It’s of great concern that we had five that did not reach the level of attention they needed in a timely way,” Castillo-Cohen said.


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