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Colorado Springs’ congressional delegation — Rep. Doug Lamborn and Sens. Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet — are all men. So how do they vote when it comes to issues impacting women? The short answer is that the lone Democrat, Bennet, has a more pro-woman track record. But if you want to see details, you can check their votes and positions using these helpful resources:

• Planned Parenthood’s 2019 Congressional Scorecard,, provides an issue-by-issue accounting of votes and generates an overall score on reproductive rights — Lamborn and Gardner, 0 percent; Bennet, 100 percent.

• On the Issues’ website,, lets users evaluate House and Senate members’ positions and votes by subject, including Abortion, Families & Children, and Principles & Values.

• Vote Smart,, lets you track positions on a wide array of issues for Congress members plus a range of Colorado’s elected officials.

• The Human Rights Campaign (, American Association of University Women ( and NARAL/Pro-Choice America ( all have congressional scorecards. 

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